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The Boy Maca shot his newest music video, Kobe, with us at FilmStudioLA. Him and his crew mainly used our PoliceSetLA. Our Police Station Standing Set features a light grid positioned 12′ from the ground and 2′ from the top of each flat. They used the entire immersive set of: Interrogation Room, Bullpen, Jail Cells, Holding Cell,...
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cop shop sets in los angeles
  AJ of the Backstreet Boys shot his entire new music video at our standing sets stages!  We were so stoked to have him and he used all our standing sets so well: Police Station Set, Apartment Set, Psych Ward Set, Bar Set and Exteriors.  He got so many awesome looks in one space for...
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weezer music video green screen studio
  We’re proud to welcome Weezer and Weird Al Yankovic for their powerful cover of Toto’s hit Africa.  They recreated Weezer’s ultra hit “Sweater Song” and it couldn’t have come out better.  We go the extra mile for our clients, so custom work is no problem … that’s why you see the green screen is...
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office standing set for tutorials and corporate videos in los angeles
  Our friends at Aputure chose our location for one of their fantastic YouTube tutorials and we couldn’t be happier.  They booked us a few more times as well!  For this booking, they used our office for filming their tutorial.  It came out great and their products are stellar.  Check our their lights here.  Below,...
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office for filming commercials in los angeles
Vitamin Water recently shot one of their commercials at FilmStudioLA.  They needed an office for filming production and we delivered!  What a fantastic commercial, funny as all get out.  Our office standing set is available for productions big and small.  Feature films, web series, student films, photo shoots, music videos and more have all used...
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