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Ice Nine Kills recently released an incredible music video for their song “Police Station Standing Set” that conveys an intense message of personal empowerment. The video follows the story of a young girl roughly the same age as a high school student, and her struggles with oppressive forces in her life outside of the police station.

The music video is set in a police station standing set. This setting is immediately recognizable; it has been the set for countless crime dramas throughout history. Initially, the setting casts a feeling of authority, safety and security as it mirrors the protective atmosphere of a police station. But as the video progresses, it also conveys a sense of oppression and pressure through the lack of freedom and independence, symbolized by the inescapable walls of the set.

The protagonist of Ice Nine Kills’ video is a young girl living with her single mother. She has little control over her life, with oppressive forces like school, home life and society limiting who she is and what she can achieve. She desperately wants to escape, to prove her worth like her peers, and be the person she knows she is capable of being.

The girl continuously attempts to defy her oppressive environment, but this ultimately leads to her being blocked by the walls of the police station standing set. Then one inspirational night, as if a force of nature, the girl discovers her inner strength and breaks through the barriers of her oppressive life. Accompanied by the soaring guitars and urgent drums of Ice Nine Kills’ song, the girl finds a way out and finally stands up for herself.

Watching the video is an incredibly powerful experience, as it conveys a vivid and moving story while the accompanying song ties together its powerful message of individual power and strength. The imagery of the police station standing set, coupled with a viscerally intense and anthemic soundtrack, drives home the point that no matter how oppressive the situation may be, one must find their inner strength and never give up.

Ultimately, “Police Station Standing Set” is an incredible music video from Ice Nine Kills that conveys a powerful message of personal empowerment and strength. The story, accompanied by the sheer intensity of their music and imagery, creates an unforgettable experience that will leave viewers feeling inspired and motivated.

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