Set Details
  • Size: 140 sq ft (approx)
  • Pre-Lit Option: No
  • Lighting Grid: No
  • Location Type: Standing Set
  • Download Images:
  • 140 amps
  • Makeup Room
  • Wardrobe Room
  • Production Office / Green Room
  • 3 x Bathrooms
  • Kitchenette with Fridge, Freezer and Microwave
  • 30-50 Gated Private Parking Spaces (attached to property) 
30-50 Gated Private Parking Spaces (attached to property)

Parking Plan

Production Supplies
  • Folding Chairs
  • Folding Tables
  • Director’s Chairs
  • Wardrobe Racks
  • Wardrobe Steamer
  • Fog Machine
  • Playback
  • Stingers
  • Pre-Lit Packages

Available for rent on site.  Reservation prior to booking is encouraged.

  1. Stage Managers: help familiarize your crew with the facility, troubleshoot, and supervise.  They are not authorized to modify your booking in any way.
  2. Timeslot Adjustments: Subject to a fee, given availability.
  3. Overtime: Subject to availability.  We book back to back.  Client is encouraged to take a time stamped picture of an empty parking lot and building as proof for an official hard out. 
  4. Tours and Scouts: We offer one 30 minute tour per booking, if available.  Additional tours/scouts may be purchased at an additional fee, if available.
  5. Leave No Trace: Client is responsible to return the space as found.  Clients are advised to take photos of the areas of use on arrival, if a damage arises that you wish to dispute.
  6. Insurance: Bookings over $1200 are required to provide proof of insurance at a minimum of 2 business days prior to the first day of entrance. COI made out to: CineSpaces, 1105 Kearney St LA CA 90033
  7. Booking Duration: Includes load-in/load-out, set up, and tear-down. First person/vehicle in the parking lot, last person/vehicle to clear parking lot.
  8. Permits: Our facility has a standing permit with the City of Pico Rivera.  No additional permit is required.
  9. Prohibited Items: Feathers, glitter, confetti, sand, wedding rice, flour, paint, aerosol spray cans, fireworks, weapons, small particle items that are difficult to clean, non-water based fog machines, non-water based fake blood, weapons, fire of any kind (candles etc) and other items deemed unacceptable by the Stage Manager (when in doubt, please ask). An additional extensive clean up fee starting at $500 will be charged for violations to restore the studio and for downtime. Drilling holes into the walls, ceiling and doors is prohibited (no screws, hooks or anchors); only 3M command strips (double-sided tape) is allowed on the walls and must be fully removed. Damage fees apply.
  10. Drugs and Alcohol: Possession or consumption inside our outside is prohibited.
  11. Rental Equipment: We do not offer gear, please bring your own. All rental equipment must be delivered and picked up within the booked hours. Delivery and pick-up outside of the booked hours may be arranged in advance for an additional fee per occurrence per vendor. All rentals must be removed immediately post your shoot or disassembly labor and storage fees will apply.
  12. Lost or Stolen Gear – we assume no responsibility for items left behind.
  13. Uniforms & Prop Guns: Cast dressed in police uniforms, or any other official uniform, may not exit the facility while wearing their costume for safety. Prop guns must be accompanied by a licensed professional and handler.
  14. Animals: All animals/pets are prohibited with the exception of service animals with valid permits. We highly advise against bringing pets. If you do, the owner assumes all responsibility and legal liability. Must be in carrier at all times.
  15. Security Cameras: Tampering may result in damage fees.
  16. Damages: Accidents happen, just let us know please. Renter is responsible for leaving the space in the same condition as prior to commencement. A walk-through inspection will be conducted before and after all bookings and the renter or assigned representative must be present. Reasonable damage charges will be deducted from your security deposit.
  17. Cleaning fee: The basic cleaning fee is $150 for restocking bathrooms and cleaning them for the next crew. Renters are required to do a quick clean-up which includes sweeping the floor, wiping the chairs/tables/appliances, cleaning the fridge, putting back props/ furniture, folding the tables/chairs, and move all trash into outside cans. If extensive clean-up is required, a significantly higher fee will apply.
  18. Stunts: Stunts must receive prior permission in writing by a member of our staff.

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