FilmStudioLA is a 15,000 sq ft film stage located just 15 minutes south of Downtown Los Angeles featuring a collection of standing sets including: Police Station Film Set, Courtroom Film Set, Office Film Set, Hospital Film Set, Psych Ward Film Set, Prison Visitation Film Set, Warehouse Film Set, Apartment Film Set, Airplane Film Set & Green Screen. FilmStudioLA is the perfect standing sets studio for a variety of productions such as music videos, feature films, television, short films, webisodes, student films, infomercials, commercials and much more.

Uses: Cop Shop, Detention Center, Prison Visitation, Security Office, Prison, Office

Included: Judges Chambers

Uses: Apartment, Dorm, Therapists Office

Included: Executive Office

Uses: Cop Shop, Administration Office, Corporate Office, Executive Office, Bank, Therapist Office

Uses: Detention Center, Dungeon, Drug Den, Holding Cell, Interrogation Room, Hideout, Security Office, Solitary Cell

Uses: Holding Cell, Jail Cell, Interrogation Room, Detention Center, Prison, Security Office

Uses: Detention Center, Dungeon, Hideout, Prison, Stash House, Torture Room


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Located 15 Minutes South of DTLA

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