7803 Industry Ave. Unit B Los Angeles, CA. 90660 - 213-788-4482
7803 Industry Ave. Unit B Los Angeles, CA. 90660 - 213-788-4482


the Facility

15,000 sq ft Warehouse

Our Stage is 15,000 square feet, giving generous room for your production.

12' Elephant Door

Our facility is so big, multiple box trucks can fit inside the facility. Work right out of your truck if desired.


1000 sq ft Air Conditioned lounge with couch, meeting table with 6 task chairs available for your comfort.

Production Office

Spacious production office features two desks and a daybed.

30+ Gated Parking Spaces

Two separate gated lots on each side of our facility. Cast & crew can have their very own lots. 

140 Amps

20 Edison outlets provide 140 amps of power located in the center of our facility.


60 cup coffee maker, 12 cup coffee maker, large fridge and microwave provided.

Local Resources

over 24 local resources within 3 minutes.  crafty, meals & building supplies are right around the corner! Click for more info.

Lighting Grid

Our Police Station Set, Hospital Set, Office Set, Bar Set & Green Screen features a lighting grid positioned 12′ from the ground and 2′ from the top of each flat.


2 Gender Neutral Bathrooms are kept clean and stocked.


Free Wifi

Makeup Room

3 LED lit vanities with salon style chairs

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7803 Industry Ave. 
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11,000 sq ft Standing Set Sound Stage
30+ Parking Spaces, Green Room, Makeup Room, Production Office
Police Station, Hospital Set, Office Set, Bar Set, NY Apartment Set, Green Screen, Black Void