Daniel Thrasher – Courtroom Standing Set

In Daniel Thrasher’s video “When Courtroom TV Dramas Get It Wrong,” he highlights some common mistakes that legal dramas make when it comes to their portrayal of courtrooms. One of the mistakes he mentions is the use of unrealistic courtroom sets.

Thrasher explains that many legal dramas use sets that are not authentic or accurate to real courtrooms. For example, some sets may have a large jury box even though most courtrooms only have a small one. Others may have an evidence table that is placed in a location where it wouldn’t be in a real courtroom. These inaccuracies can take away from the authenticity of the scene and make it harder for the audience to suspend their disbelief.

That’s where the courtroom standing set comes in. A properly designed and constructed standing set can help to address these inaccuracies and provide a more authentic and believable setting for legal dramas. It allows filmmakers and TV producers to create a courtroom environment that is both visually striking and realistic.

By using a standing set, filmmakers and TV producers can also have greater control over the environment. They can adjust lighting and sound as needed, and shoot scenes from multiple angles, making it easier to capture the dramatic moments of a trial.

Thrasher’s video emphasizes the importance of accuracy in legal dramas, and the use of a courtroom standing set is one way to help achieve that accuracy. It provides a practical solution for filmmakers and TV producers who want to create a realistic and authentic courtroom environment without having to film on location in a real courtroom.

In conclusion, the courtroom standing set is an important component of legal dramas. It allows filmmakers and TV producers to create an environment that is both visually striking and realistic, while also providing greater control over the filming process. By using a standing set, legal dramas can help to achieve accuracy and authenticity in their portrayal of courtroom scenes, making it easier for the audience to fully engage with the story.

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